Fortville Water Quality

Fortville Water Quality

Over the past couple of years, our water treatment has endured some changes. These changes were brought on by varying factors including seasonal demand, drought conditions, and aging infrastructure to name a few. In addressing these issues, we have continued to work diligently to produce the same quality water we’ve become accustomed to.

Unfortunately, delays in the construction of our new water treatment facility have put our 2023 annual hydrant flushing on hold until this coming spring. Hydrant flushing is very important for many reasons, one being a way to remove the excess sediment from the water mains that might cause discolored water to enter our homes. Having to skip flushing combined with the older treatment plant’s struggle to meet demand, only served to exasperate the issue causing some customers to experience this inconvenience.

If you should have discolored water at your tap, please run your faucets (cold until it’s clear then hot until it’s clear) for several minutes. If after this time your water is still discolored, please contact us directly at (317) 485-4044 – option 2. Keep in mind that we do not monitor all social media sites that are non-Town of Fortville so any complaints posted on these sites will most likely go unanswered.

Contact Information

Utilities Office – (317)485-4044 – option 2


email: [email protected]

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