Code of Ordinances

This list of ordinances is current as of our last codification date of 11/2023.


  • Title III: Administration
    • Town Council
    • Town Officials
    • Departments, Boards, and Commissions
    • Police and Volunteer Fire Dept
    • Finance and Taxation
    • Ordinance Violations Bureau
    • Town Court
    • Identity Theft Prevention Program
  • Title V: Public Works
    • General Utilities: Policies and Procedures
    • Water Service
    • Sewer Service
    • Stormwater Drainage, Erosion, and Sediment Control Regulations
    • Garbage Collection and Recycling Services
  • Title IX: General Regulations
    • Fair Housing
    • Parks and Recreation
    • Health and Safety; Nuisances
    • Animals
    • Streets and Sidewalks
    • Trees
    • ADA Compliance
    • Alarm System Regulations
    • Fireworks
  • Title XV: Land Usage
    • Building Regulations
    • Comprehensive Plan
    • Zoning Code
    • Floodplain Management Regulations
    • Right-of-Way Dedication
    • Access Management and Control
    • Subdivision Control Regulations
  • Parallel References
    • References to Indiana Code
    • References to the 1987 Code of Ordinances
    • Reference to Ordinances


Quick Reference:

The Town of Fortville’s Code of Ordinances is available to view online. It is available to download HERE for free.

Below are the links to each section of the Code of Ordinances with what each section entails.