Fortville residents & those that frequent Fortville’s Main Street may have noticed the new lighting & signage between the buildings that house The Ultimate Nutrition & Epic Adventure Candle Co.. Known as “THE ALLEY”, a project completed by Fortville Action, Inc., is a “pocket” park within the Main Street (intersecting with Mill Street) buildings of businesses, stores, & restaurants that allows pedestrians to sit, eat, talk, take some down time as they enjoy Fortville’s offerings.

Fortville Action, Inc. is an active, strong & exciting organization focused on the betterment of the Fortville Community as a whole. They recently received a 501 (c)(3) designation. FAI is an organization built & sustained by countless community volunteers who are passionate about civic engagement & events that the Fortville Action provides.

Recently, we spoke with Robert “Bob” Sterrett, of FAI, about “The Alley” project…

  • Town of Fortville: “Who all was involved with making this project happen?”
  • Bob Sterrett: “So really, all of the members of FAI were involved, including me and Milda (wife), Dave and Sharon Beatson, Pat and Linda Calhoun, Jen Sterrett, Ricky and Natalie Tucker, Missy Quiggins, Amy Kleine, Paul Cook, Haley Frischkorn, Kristi Kier. In addition to the FAI board, Desco, Thursday Pools, Jeff and Libby Wyatt, the Town, and the grant from Hancock County Community Foundation.”


  • ToF: “Why did FAI decide to do this project?”
  • Bob: “This was a project we tried to do several times over the past several years, but it just didn’t come together for various reasons. However, as we saw the Main Street renovation being completed, we felt it was the perfect time to ask the Towns’ permission.” 


  • ToF: “What do you want to see come from this project?”
  • Bob: “We’re hoping that people see this as a pocket park right in the middle of the town’s Main Street district. Maybe a place to have lunch, dinner, or just get together.”


  • ToF: “What other projects may be in the works?”
  • Bob: “We’d like to add lighting, tables and benches to the area of Main Street between Pearl and Noel, just closed off by the bollards. Maybe some street painting… still in the planning stages. But we believe this would be another great pocket park for Fortville’s Main Street.  We’re also discussing doing something to the Main Street entrance of the parking lot, and maybe something “neat” in Landmark Park. Being project focused is something we just moved to this year. As I’m sure you’re aware, Fortville Parks Department has taken over the Summer Concert Series, as well as Winterfest. FAI just felt it was time to work on more lasting additions to our town that people could enjoy all year.”

From the Town of Fortville, we thank Bob & FAI, as they were recently presented a Community Appreciation award for their outstanding leadership, strength, & dedication to public service for our town.

For further information about FAI or if you would like to become a volunteer, see the links below.

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