A Message from the Water Treatment Department

The Town of Fortville’s Water Treatment Department apologizes for any discolored water that customers may be experiencing. Our water treatment process allows for detention time so iron/rust can settle out before being filtered. Over the last couple of years, increased demand in warmer months has shortened the detention time which caused pockets of discolored water. Last year, hydrant flushing was able to mitigate much of this. Hydrant flushing helps ensure water quality and helps avoid random bouts of rusty water if there is a high demand for water, caused by a major firefighting effort or water main break. This year, due to the construction of a new water treatment plant and an even higher water demand, hydrant flushing had to be postponed. Unfortunately, with cold weather quickly approaching, it may be postponed again until spring. It takes several weeks to flush all the hydrants in our system and freezing temperatures can slow the process as well as greatly increase cost and risk.
Please bear with us through these growing pains. The new treatment plant is online and we are dialing it in along with well rehabilitation. Again, if you experience discolored water, it is safe, although not desirable, so the best approach is to flush your water lines (including your water heater) until it clears up.

Thank you for your patience throughout this process.