Snow Events – Snow Removal

In snow events, please do not push snow into the streets.

As you clean the snow off your walks and drives, please do not throw it into the road. It creates a hazard for passing motorists. And after plowing all night, watching someone throw snow back onto what you have tried so hard to keep clean is more than disheartening. Shovel snow into vegetated areas, where meltwater can soak into the ground. This reduces runoff that goes down storm drains and directly to rivers and streams. Also, a little salt goes a long way. Apply sparingly and remove slush once the snow melts to prevent refreezing. Salt in our stormwater system can be harmful to aquatic life. This helps our Street and Storm Departments keep the streets and streams clear and safe for everyone.

Also, please keep fire hydrants clear of snow and trash cans/items of obstruction off the streets.

Thank you!

Town of Fortville Street & Utilities / Storm Water Department

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