Hydrant Flushing Notice

The Fortville Street & Utilities Department is actively processing through the town’s fire hydrants, flushing the lines, & will continue to do so over the next several weeks.

Ultimately, hydrant flushing is the quick release of water from fire hydrants used to maintain the quality of a town’s water distribution system. Hydrant flushing is a controlled action to ensure proper water flow in hydrants for firefighters, residents, and businesses. Hydrant flushing further clears out sediments and minerals from the water main. Doing so retains a high quality of the water. It is generally done once a year in the spring. The process takes about 30 to 45 days. Water can become discolored during hydrant flushing. While some slight discoloration is natural and goes away, if your water looks yellow or brown even after several hours after flushing, call the town’s utility office to inspect the water main and/or a plumbing service to check your pipes as soon as possible.

Water main flushing removes sediment and minerals which improves the color, odor, and taste of the problematic water. The improvements of unidirectional flushing further improve the velocity of the water main’s carrying capacity.

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