Main Street Documents

Main Street Ideation and Downtown Parking Timeline

  1. 2014 – Envision Fortville – Comprehensive Master Plan Adopted – year long public engagement process and Main Street enhancement recommendations made.
    a. 7 public meetings focused on the Main Street Master Plan
    b. Link of the plan:
  2. 2015 – Main Street parking count = 70 spaces.  Public lot parking count = 98.  Additional parallel parking available but not used because lack of striping.    Total parking spaces = 168 spaces
  3. 2016 – Main Street parking layout was updated per Envision Fortville Plan recommendations – Main Street parking increased to 86.  Total parking spaces  = 184 spaces
  4. 2015 – LPA grant awarded to further the Envision Fortville’s implementation recommendations.2016 – Main Street design process starts
    a. Steering committee members – William Hiday, Erik Kammerer, Kevin Crotchfelt, David Werking, Joe Renner, Josh Eisenhauer, Sanjay Patel, Jerry Bridges, Neil Stevenson, Joe Mayes, and Fred Prazeau
    b. Steering committee meetings – 5 Steering committee meetings
    c. Council meetings – presentation on 6/5/17
    d. Public notice letter of upcoming public meeting sent on 6/7/17
    e. Public notice of public meeting in the paper 6/2/17 and 6/9/17
    f. Public meeting on 6/12/17 at the Fortville Library
  5. 2017 – Town of Fortville defines parking spaces along side streets – gains 112 parking spaces.  Total parking = 296
  6. 2018 – Town of Fortville inter public/private partnership for use of private public lots – gain 65 spaces  Total parking = 361
  7. 2018 –  Main Street design process recommendations finalized.  Main Street parking is planning to be reduced 19 spaces. Proposed total parking=  342 spaces
  8. 2018 – September – Adjacent property owner/stakeholder meeting held to discuss maintenance of traffic during construction.
  9. 2018 – October – Main Street Plan adjusted to increase the parking spaces to 76. Proposed total parking count=  351 spaces.
  10. 2018 – Town of Fortville is continuing conversations with parking lot owners to provide additional parking spaces

Since 2015 (168 parking spaces), the Town of Fortville has defined and added 183 additional parking spaces, which more than doubles the amount of parking accessible to the public in the downtown. The total parking count is 351 spaces and that number includes the loss of 10 spaces as proposed in the updated Main Street Plan that is attached. Also, the 351 parking spaces does not include any future parking partnerships.

Main Street Project Doc. 1 Award/Scope/Letter 

Main Street Project Doc. 2 Award/Scope/Letter 

Main Street Project Doc. 3 Award/Scope/Letter

Main Street Project Doc. 4 Award/Scope/Letter

Main Street Plan

Additional Parking Study

Main Street Plan Stage 3 Documents