Redevelopment Commission

The Fortville Redevelopment Commission was established in December 2002. This commission is responsible for the development of our industrial base within the Town of Fortville.


Members of the Redevelopment Commission for 2023:


Scott Meyer

email: [email protected]

Vice President

Amy Lawson

email: [email protected]

Appointed Member

Ed Brand

email: [email protected]

Appointed Member



Appointed Member

Hart Summeier

email: [email protected]

MVCSC Representative

Tony May

(Non-Voting Member)

The Fortville Redevelopment Commission meets on the third Thursday of each month, 6:30 pm, at the Town Hall.

On April 8th, 2003, the Town Council approved the resolution establishing approximately 26 acres of I-1 industrial property into a TIF district. The TIF district allows for the Municipality to install utility infrastructure to entice prospective partners to locate in Fortville.  The most recent businesses to locate in the business park are Plaquemaker and Holloway House.

Economic Development is an important factor in the success of our community. We are always seeking partners that will provide quality jobs and protect our way of life.

RAI Redevelopment Handbook

Indiana Redevelopment Handbook for Members and Attorneys

Citizen Planner Manual