The Fortville Town Council will hold a public hearing on Monday, December 5th, 2022, at 7:00pm to consider the adoption of Ordinance 2022-11___ regarding the fees for trash collection in the Town.
The proposed ordinance contains the following schedule of fees and provisions for payment:
Section 1. For the service provided by the Town consisting of the collection of trash, garbage and refuse (i.e., the Trash Collection Service), there shall be charged a monthly fee (the “Trash Collection Fee”) to be collected from the owners of each and every single-family and duplex residential properties in the Town that receive said Trash Collection Service under the Town’s existing trash collection contract. The Trash Collection Fee shall be as follows:
Year    Fee
2023   $14.05
2024   $14.61
2025   $15.20
2026   $15.82
2027   $16.47
Section 2. The Trash Collection Fee shall be prepared, billed and collected by the Town in the manner provided by the Act, this ordinance and as follows:
(a) The Trash Collection Fee shall be prepared and billed monthly.
(b) The Trash Collection Fee may be billed to the tenant or tenants occupying the properties served, unless otherwise requested in writing by the owner, but such billing shall in no way relieve the owner from the liability in the event payment is not made as herein required.
(c) The owners of properties served, which are occupied by a tenant or tenants, shall have the right to examine the collection records of the Town for the purpose of determining whether bills have been paid by such tenant or tenants, provided that such examination shall be made at the office at which such records are kept and during the hours that such office is open for business.
(d) All Trash Collection Fees not paid by the 17th day to the month (the “Due Date”) are hereby declared to be delinquent and a penalty of ten percent (10%) of the first $3.00 of delinquent fees and three percent (3%) of the remaining delinquent balance shall be added to the Trash Collection Fees due on the earlier of the 18th date of the month or the first workday following the Due Date.