Terms of Agreement

A rental calendar for the Shelter House and the community Center is available for viewing on the following pages: Shelter House Calendar Community Center Calendar On these pages you can see if your desired date is available for rent prior to submitting your form.

After you submit your online application to rent our facilities, you must call the office at 317-485-4044 ext. 100 or 101 to make arrangements to pay your deposit which may be paid over the phone. We will not reserve your date until a deposit has been received.

1. Organization/Renter agrees to save and hold harmless the Town of Fortville, Indiana, its employees, agents, members, contractors, from any and all claim for bodily injury or property damage arising out of the organization’s usage of the above facilities and agrees to indemnify the Town of Fortville, Indiana for any and all costs, attorney’s fees, or expense incurred in defending any claim for bodily injury or property damage arising out of the organization’s usage of the above property, including within the context of organization any member, guest, or invitee or the organization upon the subject premises. Approval of this Application may be conditioned upon evidence of liability insurance protecting the Town of Fortville, Indiana, with limits specified by its Town Manager.

2. Organization/Renter agrees that its representatives will be present throughout the dates and hours of usage and will be responsible for insuring proper conduct of all members, guests, or invitees of the organization as well as proper care for the facilities rented and for enforcement of regulations of the Indiana State Fire Marshal, and the Ordinances of Hancock County, Indiana, with respect to No Smoking.

3. Beverages containing alcohol are prohibited.

4. Organization/Renter agrees that no signs, displays, or materials will be attached to, or nailed to floor, walls, curtains, woodwork, grounds, drives, etc., without the expressed approval of the Town Manager in writing. Failure to follow this will result in renter forfeiting deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS.

5. Organization/Renter agrees that any vehicles on the subject premises due to the organization’s use of the facilities will only be parked in designated and approved parking areas.

6. Organization/Renter, through its officers and designated representatives, agrees that prompt and full payment for any damage or loss to the subject premises will be made within ten (10) days of notification by the Town Manager.

7. Rental deposits must be paid at the Fortville Municipal Building at the time of reserving the shelter or community center. Failure to abide by this rule will forfeit the reservation date. This money will be refunded as stated in rule 10-j.

8. Cancellation policy: No refunds will be given if reservation is not cancelled at least 2 weeks prior to reservation date unless a) the shelter house or community center can be re-rented, or b) extreme weather causes cancellation.

9. Rental fee must be paid when the key to the shelter house or community center is picked up during normal business hours (8 am to 4 pm M-F) at the Fortville Municipal Building. They key may not be picked up more than 2 business days prior to the rental date.

10. Additional Shelter House/Community Center Rules:

a. No decorations are to be put on ceiling. DO NOT LIFT CEILING TILES TO TUCK STREAMERS ETC. UNDERNEATH THEM. Ceiling tiles will break and the renter will be held responsible for the damage. The use of tacks, nails, or any type of tape is prohibited. All decorations and signs must be removed when leaving. Failure to follow this will result in renter forfeiting the deposit.


c. The thermostat shall be returned to the original setting when leaving the building.

d. Tables and chairs must be returned to the proper storage places.

e. No food shall be left in the refrigerator or freezer.

f. Windows and/or doors shall be closed and locked when leaving.

g. Kitchen shall be cleaned (if used)

h. Floors shall be swept.

i. All trash shall be removed from the restrooms and other containers and deposited in the

containers OUTSIDE of the building (shelter house).

j. The key shall be returned within 24 hrs of use to the office or water payment drop box at the

Municipal Building during regular business hours. At this time if all rules stated above have been

followed and the shelter has been inspected by Town personnel and is in satisfactory condition

the deposit will be mailed to the renter by the Clerk-Treasurer.

11. The undersigned agrees to pay to the Town of Fortville, Indiana, for rental and usage of the

subject building as set forth on the Rental Agreement Application.