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Does Illicit Discharge Affect You?

What is an Illicit Discharge?

An illicit discharge is the induction (accidentally or purposely) of non-storm water to the ground or into the storm sewer.

Examples of Illicit Discharge:

sanitary waste water

septic tank effluent

car wash waste waters

motor oil disposal

radiator flushing disposal

laundry waste waters

auto and household toxins disposal

leaves and yard waste

Six Easy Ways that You Can Keep Illicit Discharges Out of Our Waterways

There are simple steps that we can take to solve the problems that illicit discharges create. It is up to YOU, the homeowner and business owners who call Fortville home, to clean it up and to help keep it clean!

Used oil, antifreeze, and batteries can be recycled. Clean up any spills immediately, kitty litter or sawdust will absorb the spill. Be sure to sweep these up as well.

Wash your car on the grass so that the water, detergent, and dirt will be filtered by the soil. A better solution is to take your car to a commercial car wash, where the dirty water is sent to a wastewater treatment plant.

Empty bottles of household cleansers, pesticides, and weed killer should be disposed of according to label directions.

Grass clippings in the street should be swept up after each mowing. Grass clippings left in the street are being washed down into the storm sewers and end up in the streams where they have the potential to cause algae problems.

Many household products. including paints, paint thinners, and solvents can be taken to drop off sites or at the Hancock County Tox Away Day (watch the local paper for dates). Paint brushes used with water based paint can be rinsed in the sink. If you have leftover paint in a can, and it is latex or water-based paint you can fill the can with kitty litter and once it is absorbed you can set it out for trash pick up.

When walking your pet, use a bag or use a scooper to clean up your pet’s waste. In order to keep animal waste from contaminating our community, anyone who walks a pet should properly dispose of waste by picking it up, wrapping it, and either placing it into the trash or flushing it UNWRAPPED.


What we do on land affects the quality of water we drink and use in so many ways

Many small sources of pollution add up to cause big water quality problems

Natural things such as soil, leaves, grass clippings, and pet waste can cause water pollution

Waste dumped into storm sewers goes into Stottlemeyer Ditch and Jackson Ditch without treatment

Automobiles and other vehicles cause water pollution as well as air pollution


Reporting will, in great part, rely on participation from the public. Residents who observe illegal dumping or observe pollutants with waterways or storm sewers should contact the Town of Fortville at 317-485-4044 ext. 103 to report a stormwater violation.